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About Us

Thanks for checking out NU WAY Enterprises! Hopefully, we can be of service to you in the future. Here is a little background information about us to give you a better idea of what we are all about.

NU WAY Enterprises was started in 1996 by Anthony Young as a part time job during high-school. At that time, Anthony was only 15 years old. Beginning as only a t-shirt decaling operation, NU WAY Enterprises quickly spread into other areas of desktop publishing and custom supplies.

After his first year in business, Anthony began to explore website creation. This led to an increase in both business opportunities and technical knowledge. Some samples of his work can be found here.

After his second year in business, Anthony began to develop database systems for small business operations. NU WAY Enterprises currently has two selling products for use in the business community, and has completed numerous custom designed systems.

Anthony attended Queen's University from September 2000 to April 2004 to study both Business and Computer Science. May 2004, Anthony began attending the University of Waterloo to continue his studies in Computer Science at the Masters level.

With aspirations of becoming a self-employed computer analyst, Anthony hopes to further develop NU WAY Enterprises into a fully functioning corporation with more employees and a wider range of products and services.